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Etiquette Rules for Blackjack Tables

We all love the limelight of casinos and are easily intrigued by the table and card games that we can find there. We often think that everything revolves around us, the players and that we can just behave the way we want in a casino. There are certain rules that apply for each card game table and we will examine the etiquette rules for the game of Blackjack and show you what to do and what not to do.

The most important etiquette rule for the employee and for the player is that the player is always right and is always the king. In case the player is not right, then the employee should call the pit boss, the supervisor, or the manager to sort things out, because the table employee is not allowed to deal with the customer if the player is complaining about the game and the dealer itself. Aside from this, there are important things that the player needs to know in order to enjoy the stay at the Blackjack table.

One major don't in the Blackjack table etiquette is cursing. Once you try to purposely insult or curse at the dealer, you will immediately be removed from the Blackjack table and most probably from the casino as well. Another major etiquette don't is when you try to do something to your cards, like cheat or exchange them. This will immediately be picked up by the Blackjack dealer or by the surveillance team behind the cameras and this will also result in removing you from the Blackjack table.

Before sitting down on a Blackjack table, you should know the individual wagers and the respective sign before you play. You can ask for advice from the Blackjack dealer, but the general Blackjack etiquette forbids you to ever ask for the value of the cards of the dealer. The Blackjack dealer would never risk the job for one game, because the Blackjack dealer is aware of the surveillance. The Blackjack etiquette also forbids you to touch the chips or wager before the game is even decided.

Another don't in the Blackjack etiquette is to accuse the Blackjack dealer of cheating whenever you lose a game, because even cheating employees are being removed from their position. You should also not ask for another deck of cards once you do not win, just change the Blackjack table because this will again result in accusing the Blackjack dealer.

These are the most important etiquette rules in Blackjack and remember them the next time you approach a Blackjack table in a casino near you.