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Blackjack Card Counting Know-How

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino card games that are being offered on the tables. The goal in Blackjack is simply to attain the number 21 with the value of your cards. If the dealer gets a 21 first, or if you exceed 21 you lose the game, but if you are able to hit a 21 before the banker does or if the banker exceeds, then you win the game. There is a method that will allow you to gain a better opportunity at winning Blackjack, which is Blackjack card counting. We will teach you the know-how on Blackjack card counting right here right now.

Blackjack card counting has different styles and skill levels and the easiest way to count cards in Blackjack is to use the singular level technique. This means that you only use the number one (1). We will explain later why it is way easier that the other techniques. Now you give every face card a value of +1 and -1. The cards with a value of below ten get a +1 and the cards with the value above ten receive a -1. The overall count is the sum that you get when you sum up all the cards in the end. The overall count is supposed to be zero, so make sure you distributed your positive and negative values equally.

In Blackjack card counting, you have to learn how to associate a card with its count and silently count the total sum. For example the dealer gives you a 3, and then you have to add 1. If he gives you a 7, then you have to add another one and so on. The higher your total count is, the higher the chance of getting a high face value card like a queen or ace. This is how you can estimate if you are likely to get a certain card. If a deck has 52 cards then the maximum count could be +26 or -26.

The problems starts when you are trying to apply Blackjack card counting to your real casino game. Usually casinos use multiple decks which means that you have to multiply your total count by the number of decks that the casino is using. You can figure it out quickly by watching an ongoing game. Make sure that once you start Blackjack card counting, you are sitting at a table with a manual card holder, and not one that continually reshuffles the cards.

Be reminded that when you do Blackjack card counting, you should always be careful that nobody notices or catches you doing it. It is not necessarily illegal but big establishments want to protect their wealth from card counters.